DragonIRC Network Storage

DragonIRC Cloudstorage

Proud to announce DragonIRC Network has an official cloudstorage box dedicated to backups and storage for it’s official members that qualify

It’s a personal cloud software called seafile been out for few years and better then dropbox/icloud
Our Box is located in the Netherlands of Amsterdam Purely for this cause

Everyone that Applies/Registers Will get FREE Automatic 30GB of HDD space in their account to test it out and let me know what they think so far

Please no illegal stuff on it, photos/videos/Legal Music are allowed long as it’s not porn or child Pornography etc.

** Changes made before going live **

* Storage Quota – Changed from 2GB per user account to 30GB per user account for free no charge (Subject to change depending on the amount of users registering and using the service)
* System Trash – uses a system trash, where deleted libraries will be moved to. In this way,
accidentally deleted libraries can be recovered by system admin. 30 Days expiry to recover this from the time you delete it.
libraries are scanned for removal every 30 days automatic
* upload/download – Upload and download file size limits has been increased from 200MB to 4GB
* User Registration – When signing up use a real email address
* User Activation – After signing up you will get an email from chaotix2020@gmail.com within 10 minutes
* Accounts – One Account per person only allowed, Any duplicates will be removed by System Admins

** Features below **

** Security and Encryption **
* supports client-side end-to-end encryption to protect your data, which is a unique feature that you can rarely find in other solutions.

it includes the following features

* Two-factor authentication
* Server-side data encryption
* All data transfer be protected by HTTPS/TLS protocol

** Cross Platform File Syncing ** –

* organize files into libraries. Each library can be synced into any desktop computer, including Windows, Mac and Linux

** Mobile File Access **
* Both Android and iOS are supported.
* Cached files can be used offline without the network environment.
* Users can also backup photos and contacts via the mobile clients.

** File Sharing and Permission Control **
* Files can be shared to external users via sharing links.
* Sharing links can be protected by passwords and support setting an expiration date.

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